Online Exhibition Fall 2017

West Island Floods
Zephira Kalaitzakis & Jessica Yee

Montréal's Olympic Stadium
Philippa J. Swartz & Patrizia Bayer

Who Owns the Street
Ruslan Ivanytskyy & Mack Phillips

The Invisible Mosque
Ilana Elbaze & Matthew Breton-Honeyman

Hochelaga-Masionneuve: Gentrification and Vandalism
Onur Yücel & Mahsa Mozayeni

Broken Shore
Stefania Zavarce Hernandez

The Legacy of the Oka Crisis
Eva-Charlotte Forgues & Tristan S. Roberton

Online Exhibition Fall 2014

The Right to Survive
Étienne Sédillot and Caroline Voyer

Burgundy Restored
Veronica Lalli and Theodore Oyama

16 Houses
Didier Beaudoin and Edouard Capel

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Do It Yourself
Laurence Leroux-Lapierre and Marian Stiedl

The Pool is Closed
Ila D’Cruz and Desirée Valadares

Right to Move - Mobility in Montreal
Kristen Millar

Seeking Sanctuary
Gabriel Légaré-Bisaillon and Julia Manaças

Reclaiming Wasteland
Quan Thai and Paule Viau-Hétu

Online Exhibition Fall 2013

Dans l’trou – Asbestos and the Closing of the Jeffrey Mine
Geneviève Aboud, Clothilde Caillé-Lévesque and Simon Lussier

Walls vs People
Osama Al-Sehali and Lucie Riedweg

Gentrification in Saint-Henri: A quiet metamorphosis
Kevin Botchar & Jason Trehern

A qui la Pointe
Nina Mihaylova

Desire Line: Illegal Rail Crossings in Montreal
Jaimie Cudmore & Manu Sharma

Sulukule: A Community Destroyed Through Construction
Andrew Brown & Ayca Koseoglu

Hidden Oil
Andrew Lockhart and Michael Hasey

Privatized Public
Josiane Crampé and Julian Mirabel